My not so priceless year of honours…

This year I embarked on a journey… one that at times has been wonderful – I met an amazing group of people who have pushed me up the wonderful hill of assignments, tutoring, research essays and just life in general… However it has also been difficult…. and emotional

But what I will admit is that I don’t regret it… its coming to an end now and I look back on how much I have grown, and how much better I know and respect myself as a person…

As Oprah says ‘Go live your best life’. Do one thing everyday that scares you – I for sure have done more than one thing a day that scares me!

Some of the wonderful faces I have met this year... My fellow inmates!

Some of the wonderful faces I have met this year… My fellow inmates!


Top Gun

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Top Gun is my favourite movie of all time… Tom Cruise (back when he was young, free and sexy) in his jump suit… those police shades, and danger zone blaring in the background – has every girl I know fall weak at the knee’s! Adrenaline is the name of the game… the only reason why I can’t be a pilot is, my eye sight, it is about as good as my cousins ability to throw a ball in a straight line (she is not very good at this)

A couple of weeks ago a heard a very heart warming story… a colleague of my Moms needed to go to the DRC to do some work, he is over 30 years old and never been on an airplane… why? Because they are just so damn expensive!! Now everyone in the world deserves an opportunity to do everything… To me nobody should not get the opportunity to do things they want to. The excitement he had to board a plane for the first time was so cute to watch! Now riding an airplane is not priceless in the literal sense but in the story I found, it was definitely priceless!!

A flight attendant career is glamorous! Or so I thought! I admit, I signed up for the glamour eighteen years ago, but I quickly learned that most of the glamor was gone from this industry. I was on my second trip as a new hire flight attendant, my uniform was crisp, my hair was pulled back in a perfect french twist to match my beautiful french manicure, and I had all the right accessories.

This particular day I was the aisle flight attendant when a passenger asked me if I would heat up a baby bottle. I knew just what to do! Now all I needed was a sick bag so I could fill it with hot water. I reached into a seat back pocket, grabbed a sick bag and pushed my hand inside to open it up. Feeling the still warm, oatmeal consistency on my hand is where the glamor ended for me. Yes folks, I had just stuck my manicured hands into fresh vomit!

You’ve heard about the gross things people do on airplanes. There’s classics like cutting toenails, walking barefoot around the plane, changing a baby diaper on the tray table…I could go on. I hate to admit it, but these are all behaviors I see or experience as a flight attendant every time I go to work.

I recently asked some co-workers to share the grossest things they have seen throughout the years as well. Warning, the answers even shocked me! Fasten your seat belts for…

The Top Ten Gross Things Flight Attendants Have Seen Passengers Do on Airplanes:

10. Breast Pumping: A lady decided that it was appropriate to use a breast pump during boarding. She fully exposed both breasts and with just a bottle (not with a baby) did the vacuum effect on her fully exposed boob. Let me remind you this was both breasts out in the air, on a full flight, during boarding, taxi, take-off and part of cruise.

9. Breast Milk Drippage: A few passengers notified me of something leaking from the overhead bins down onto their heads. The look on the men’s faces was priceless when a woman stood up and said, “OMG….My breast milk! It’s not frozen anymore and it’s leaking what should I do?!”

8. Blankets and Boogers: A passenger in first class rang her call light. She handed me her blanket and asked if I could give her a new one. I was puzzled since everyone had started the flight with a fresh blanket. I looked down at the blanket and it was all wet and slimy with boogers. I felt so grossed out—like I was going to hurl—as I tossed it into a plastic bag.

7. Impromptu Snacking: A first class passenger picked something off his bare feet…and ate it. I saw it myself!

6. Jump Seat No-no: A passenger sat down on the back galley flight attendant jump seat “waiting on the lavatory.” A flight attendant told him he couldn’t sit there. After I came out of the lav and sat down, we realized that he had urinated on the jump seat!

5. Pedicures: Lady using the “ped egg” on her feet. And then tried to dump her foot shavings in my trash.

4. A Little Laundry: A first class passenger took off his soggy socks and dried them by putting them over the air vent above his seat. Passengers all the way back in coach complained about the smell.

3. Lost Panties: I was helping clean the plane at one of our out-stations so we could turn the plane on time and found a pair of bloody panties in the seat pocket. This is why we wear gloves.

2. Adult Diapers: Someone shed their humongous Depends adult diapers on the toilet seat—yep, shed like a creature shedding its sea-shell, and they were left perfectly wide open and obviously used on top of the toilet lid, for the next passenger.

1. Going No. 2: A passenger used the tissue (out of the tissue box dispenser in the restroom) to clean up after their bowel movement. They then placed the used tissues back into the tissue box. A fellow flight attendant reached into the tissue dispenser for a tissue and…discovered the issue firsthand.

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So why not… adorn those shades… maybe a jump suit and ride into the danger zone??

Started from the bottom now we here!

Now I’ve been sitting thinking what other forms of transport do we have? and I was reminded by a picture I saw of a friend (Phumi) that we have one of the most interesting forms of transport in our “little” city. What is this interesting form of transport? Well jumping from the Orlando Towers of course!

Many may see this as a feat to do – I don’t think I’m going to do it anytime soon either, so don’t worry! But for all you little dare devils out there why not take the leap of faith?? why not start from the bottom and end up on top of the world??

According to the Orlando Towers website:

A guide will meet you at the waiting area and take you to the open-air lift that will elevate you up the outside of the tower to a platform 3m from the top. At this point, you proceed on foot up the floating stairway – suspended in mid air!

At the top of the stairway, you will reach the rim of the tower, and from here you pause to view the breath-taking panorama over greater Soweto.
From the rim, you step onto the sky-bridge spanning the space between the two towers, rim to rim. You are now around 100m up in the air, as you step out onto the suspension bridge between the two towers.

From here our experienced bungee technicians will guide you through the harnessing and safety procedures, in preparation for your jump.

You will face the open sky… and jump……

Bungee Jump|R480
Power Swing|R360
includes both swings
Viewing Platform| R60

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What was….

As you might have noticed I am a fanatic about cars… therefore the James Hall Museum of Transport was an absolute treat! I went many times growing up, and loved it thoroughly

The fabulous collection includes:

Animal-drawn vehicles 1870 – 1910
Bicycles and motorcycles 1786 – 1960
Buses and Coaches
Fire engines
Motor cars 1900 – 1980
Steam-driven vehicles
Trams and trolley buses 1896 – 1986


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Best of all this little transport adventure is free 😀 so have a little adventure with the kids or with some vehicle lovers….

              Pioneers’ Park, Rosettenville Road, La Rochelle.

Shhhhwakka Bru!!

Happy Heritage Day to all the South African’s in the world! Whether you’ve exported yourself to another country or you are an import to our beautiful shores, I hope you embrace the diversity, the history, and most importantly the passion we all seem to have for our country!

I see people stocking up on the 3 fundamental b’s of our country – boerewors, beer and biltong. I also smell the smell of our country – the 4th B! A Braai!

So whether you take a tuk-tuk, a taxi, a rickshaw or your own ride! Have a fantastic heritage day and be thankful we have moved on from the Voortrekker age and no longer have horses and carts!!

Start Horsing Around…


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When i was little my nursery school had horses that we could go on every Friday… now im not a horsey person (for lack of a better phrase), and the one day i decided to ride a horse… i fell off it…. and that has stuck in the back of my head ever since….

I think they’re majestic creatures… but just not for crusing around the country side

If you are more adventurous than I am… Try Harties Horse Trail Safari’s for an adventure, for R150 plus a welcome drink you will be able to go on a 30 minute lead ride around the scenic views of Hartebeesport Dam…

I do however believe in save a horse, ride a Ferrari – its more my kind of horse power

Row Row Row your boat!!

Do you remember the old nursery rhyme “Row row row your boat gently down the stream, tip your teacher overboard and listen to her scream” don’t worry lecturers I wont tip you over… I need you to pass Honours :-p

On a more serious note – Zoo lake is one of the most peaceful places on earth to spend a Sunday afternoon… letting your kids play on the jungle gym… listening to the peaceful screams of ice cream vendors – okay I am lying about those screams being peaceful but hey its a sounds that exists….

Why not have a beautiful Sunday at the lake and better yet grab a boat for R10 an hour per person and have a row…. just becareful not to get a t-shirt tan… those aren’t very attractive… Plus no petrol involved :-0 so it is priceless petroleum!


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Karting around!

I’m not an adrenaline junkie… I don’t go seeking to jump off things, be thrown around by a rollercoaster or dragged at the back of a boat… but one thing I do love is the thrill of speed…

Picture courtesy of Nick Breen Photography

Picture courtesy of Nick Breen Photography

I remember going to Warmbaths (now called Bela-Bela) on weekends away with my Grandparents when they were here from America, and being able to ride the go-karts around the open aired course. Being able to drive myself around and go fast with the wind in my hair! So much fun!!

So why not take the kids, go on a first date, or a celebration!! Find your need for speed 🙂



Painting the town red

A couple of years ago I went to America with my Mom on an amazing holiday – if anyone ever gets this opportunity please do! We went on a bus tour through the streets of Washington DC and it was amazing! I recently saw an episode of Kate Plus 8 on TLC and her and her eight children went on a similar tour in New York City – one could only imagine how much fun that was!! And I thought… I wander why they don’t have anything like that here….


They do!! For R120 one can get a ticket to go on the Red Bus, a double decker bus that reminds me of something out of a scene in London. This majestic form of transportation stops at 12 different locations around Johannesburg, the first stop is Gautrain Station at Park – the wheels of the bus then move on to Ghandi Square which is a bus station surrounded with the vibe of Jozi – restaurants, bars and some great music hot spots!! Carlton centre is the next stop on this tour – I have fond stories told by my Mom of when she used to work at this centre, the fancy business lunches, the first leather handbag she bought for R270 back in the day.

Santarama Miniland is the next stop in Wemmerpan has not got the greatest reviews on local blog and travel sites… however it is one of the stops on this adventure and claims to be a miniature museum of all things wonderful in Joburg – it is currently under construction so hopefully it will be up and running and back to its former glory in no time!

James Hall Transport Museum is the next port of call for this red bus, it is the largest land transport museum in South Africa… why not hop off at this spot with your little one to show them how people have travelled through the years? The Apartheid museum is after the mini history of transport… the Apartheid museum is a mix of emotions… with tapes you can hear about the actual events that happened – if you are South African this stop will really pull on your heart strings, if you are from outside of our beautiful land its a great stop to fill yourself in on South African history.

Gold Reef City in my opinion is they best stop on this adventure – baring in mind the entrance fee is included in your Red Bus ticket… with rides and thrilling adventure its a stop not to be missed! Old fashioned sweet shops, cheesy magicians and African dancers greeting you… its something definitely not to be missed.

Mining district walk, Newtown, The Origins Centre at Wits, Braamfontein and Constitution Hill make up this tour!

Its definitely one for the out of towner or to tour your own city! The buses drop off and pick up around every 40 minutes and its cheaper if you buy your ticket online at

Why not have the wheels on the bus go round and round all through the town??

hop+on+johannesburg   999194_826448

What the Tuk?

A couple of months ago I saw these strange three wheeled vehicles buzzing around the streets of Joburg. At first I thought wow! Smart Cars are really getting risky… taking the whole convertible thing a bit far hey… but after deep thought and my ever useful tool of Google, I found out these are in fact little cars… that originally started roaming the streets in India.


Last week I finished varsity a little early and decided why not?? For R2.50 a km who could pass up that opportunity… and that’s just about where my positivity ended… with a top speed of maybe 20km a decade, 0-60 in a millennium its not going to get you anywhere fast. The added benefits are the fear of losing your life every time a bigger car zooms past and the feeling of falling over and skidding off into the sunset.

Some say even the Stig wont drive one of these

But why not live on the wild side of life you only live once!